Indigenous Bird Of Prey

The beautiful Northern Crested Caracara is a medium-sized bird of prey indigenous to Yucatan, MX.  I’ve had the pleasure of shooting these magnificent birds up close on a number of occasions here in Merida, and they always manage to inspire me.  If you ever get a chance to view one of these creatures, take your time and look deeply into their stunning beauty and independent ferocity.


Northern Crested Caracara

Photographer’s note:  Captured with my Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L USM + 1.4x lens.  Camera info:  1/250s @ f/5.6, ISO 1600, FL/280mm, Natural Light, Handheld.  Post-edit and artistic adjustments completed in PSE11.


2 responses to “Indigenous Bird Of Prey

  1. I have to say that this photo, with the filter applied, totally impressed me. What an amazing eye you have. Obviously you started with an amazing subject in the photograph, but I wonder what caused you apply the filter. You must have seen something about the picture and the subject that motivated you to apply the filter that you did. Like I said, stunning. A truly beautiful piece of art. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Brett, Thank you very much for the kind and flattering comments. I was totally satisfied with the original image, but my customers often prefer the Fine Art painting look, and buy those about 10 to 1 over my so-called straight photographic images. I find that this treatment works particularly well on images with fine feather, fur or hair detail. I use it frequently on birds, monkeys and apes. When printed on canvas it provides the painterly look my customers are seeking. The side benefit (not the case with this image) is: if the image is technically flawed in any way the affect can mask a multitude of sins. Thank you again for taking the time to comment. Steve

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