Women, Just Because You Can …


Well, There You Have It

Women, just because you can act like a man doesn’t mean that you should.  I find it increasingly distasteful and depressing that women (especially young women) find it necessary to follow our male, gender-biased bad habits.  Ladies, continue reading before you crucify me.  And I’m not letting men off the hook either, quite the contrary.  I find that what passes for public behavior and decorum (in these enlightened times) is deplorable. As a boy (and later as a young man) I was taught to keep my foul language, off-color jokes and rude behavior amongst my fellow males (and in private).  In my time rude behavior in front of ladies (and children) was just not tolerated.

I am not a prude.  Believe me, after six years in the Marine Corps, I can swear and demonstrate crude behavior with the best of them.  But just because I can, doesn’t mean that I should.  If I am with a group of males, I will let my hair down and partake in the frivolities and party atmosphere, but I am old-fashioned enough to keep it amongst the guys.  Whatever happened to showing respect for the opposite sex, being a role model  for young children and conducting one’s self in a civilized manner when out in public (or nowadays on social media)?


Yes, We’re Responsible For This

How women behave amongst themselves (in private) is one thing, just like how men behave amongst themselves in private.  But how we treat one another in public (and even in private) sends a strong message to our children.  Whatever happened to respect, manners, civilized social behavior and the like?  When did women stop being ladies, and men stop being gentlemen?  When did adults stop being parents and role models?

How can men and women ask for respect when they don’t even have respect for themselves or each other?  A woman is deserving of respect (and so is a man).  But why should I respect you when you act like a pig?  And why should you respect me if my behavior is unacceptable?  I like a woman who is a lady:  Feminine, intelligent, funny and respectful.  I would be embarrassed to be seen in public with what often passes for a woman these days (again, mostly younger women).  And women, some of the young slugs you call men are a disgrace.  It takes more than gender to be a lady or a gentleman.


So Very Attractive

Note:  Just so we’re VERY clear on this post.  I hold men just as accountable for the deplorable state of public behavior.  So, the next time you’re tempted to throw a tantrum in public, on your cell phone or on social media—think to yourself:  Is this how a lady or gentleman would act?  You are not attractive to the opposite sex (or even your own sex) when you act this way.  Let’s clean up our act.


3 responses to “Women, Just Because You Can …

  1. One of the things that I like about living in the southern, US is that I never hear men dropping the “F” bomb in public…not even young men!

    • That’s nice. It’s still pretty civilized here in MX too. Before I left the States I was just disgusted with the public blathering at restaurants, theaters, etc. Every other word was an F-bomb (and from the girls it sounded even worse). I see the same disregard for civility and manners on social media (and overheard conversations on cell phones). Like I said, I am no prude … but there is a time and a place (and the place should not be public). Just getting old and cranky I suppose.

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