There’s A Bug In My Ear

bug in my ear

There’s A Bug In My Ear

The rain finally arrived.  And with it cooler weather.  A light drizzle persisted as I hopped aboard my Yamaha BWs Zuma motor scooter for the short ride to the cafe.  By the time I got there, however, the rain’s intensity had picked up and I was drenched.  No problem, I parked the scoot and hung my helmet on the handlebars.

Unbeknownst to me, while smoking my cigar, drinking my coffee and eating my breakfast, a bug decided to take shelter from the rain inside my helmet.  Two and half hours after arrival, at Cafe Pistache (on Paseo de Montejo), I once again climbed aboard my scoot and donned my helmet.  It had completely stopped raining by this time, but the paseo and side streets were still slick, so concentration and awareness were the watchwords.

Within minutes I felt a wiggling in my right ear.  And as the blocks whizzed by the feeling became increasingly unpleasant.  The bug that had sought temporary refuge in my helmet had now found its way into my ear.  My riding became erratic and my speed excessive. By the time I got home I was frantic to get my helmet off and nab the culprit.

And that’s exactly what I did.  Removing my helmet and flinging it aside, I immediately inserted my righthand little finger (up to about the second joint) deep into my ear—and then there was a satisfying CRUNCH, followed by instant relief.


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