Viva La Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad, Cuba at Sunset

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I’ve just returned (safely) from touring the entire island of Cuba, from Old Habana to Baracoa.  We American’s (Gringo Norte Americanos) are often accused—and rightly so—of overstating almost everything:  AMAZING, AWESOME, FANTASTIC and the like.  When it comes to Cuba it’s all true.

In the days to come I will be posting, in some detail, about my trip to Cuba.  I took over 1,000 photos, but will try to be very selective about what I share so I don’t burn you out.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I made it back okay, safe and sound.  In the coming days I will share some of my perceptions, both political and cultural.  I will share some logistical details about the trip (how to do the trip yourself if you would like), and of course many photos and some narrative documenting my day-to-day travels and experiences.

The sunset image above was taken on the beach at Trinidad.  Our small group (only seven members) had an evening barbecue on this pristine beach, all the while watching the sun sink below the horizon—grilled red snapper (Pescado), pork short ribs, pasta, fruit and salad, bread and lots and lots of rum.  Cuba does rum really well.  Especially the Canchánchara (Rum, honey, lime juice and a splash of soda water over ice).

Cuba Portrait WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Trinidad, Cuba

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Indochine Photography International

* Expat Journal

* My NatGeo Portfolio


4 responses to “Viva La Cuba

  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself and are back safely. I’m looking forward to more beautiful photos of the places you visited.

    • Miss you too Ryan. Joel and I talk about your ‘Red Dot’ Indian impersonations ALL the time. It still cracks us up. Say hi to your beautiful mom for me.

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