Old Habana Cuba

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Old Habana Cuba

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Old Habana Cuba.  Cuba, where the new is juxtaposed with the old.  Cuba remains a mystery to many around the world, in large part due to the trade embargo imposed by the United States government on October 19, 1960.  Its been almost 54 years, and the embargo still stands.  Cuba has been on my personal bucket list since I was a 12-year old kid.  I can remember watching television, mesmerized, as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara overthrew the Batista regime and marched triumphantly into Havana  on January 1, 1959, to reclaim the government for the people.  Post-revolution events are still being hotly debated within the Cuban diaspora, but the fact remains that Cuba is still an exotic Caribbean island full of mystery and charm.

I created this Fine Art Canvas Print, from an original digital image shot in Old Habana, after returning from a recent multi-week trip to Cuba.  It will print very large at 36 x 60 inches (3 x 5 feet), and will handsomely complement any wall space in your home or office.  This original Fine Art Canvas Print is now available for sale to my worldwide customers at my website:  http://www.IndochinePhotography.com.  For my local customers here in Merida, please email me directly for a free price and availability quote at: stephen.dennstedt@ymail.com.  Nic at SoHo Galleries here in Merida does an outstanding job printing my images onto painter’s canvas at competitive prices, and with the added advantage of paying no shipping charges.  So order now and save.

Photographer’s note:  The original digital image was captured as a CameraRAW file using my Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera and Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM zoom lens.  Camera Settings:  1/1600s @ f/5.6, ISO 100, FL/50mm, Natural Light, Handheld.  RAW conversion and basic post-edit enhancements were completed in PSE11.  HDR processing was completed using Photomatix Essentials software.  Advanced post-edit enhancements (texturing, exposure and contrast) were all completed in PSE11.  


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