Jungle Shack

Shack w Text & Post WEB w Sig

Jungle Shack

Cocoa Plantation – Baracoa, Cuba

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While traipsing through a cocoa plantation in Baracoa, Cuba, I came across this ramshackle dwelling that was being quickly reclaimed by the surrounding jungle.  I love sites like this—they are so full of photographic character:  shapes, texture, weathered patina, all contribute to an eye-pleasing tableaux.  You could build a story around a scene like this:  who lived here, what did they do and where have they gone?  Questions, questions, questions—an image to provoke curiosity.  It was frightfully hot the day I shot this, as the Brits would say “bloody hell.”  The heat index (ambient temperature + relative humidity) was at 109 degrees Fahrenheit.  Just plain HOT.  Much later in the day I would quench my thirst, with frosted bottles of Bucanero beer, on Manglito Beach—but that was still many, many hours away as I wilted in the heat taking this shot.  This image would look great as a Canvas Print, and will print large up to 24 x 40 inches (approx. 2 x 3.5 feet).

Photographer’s note:  The original digital image was captured as a JPG file with my Canon PowerShot G15 camera (my small backup shooter for my Canon EOS 5D Mark II full frame camera).  Basic edits completed in PSE11, HDR processing completed in Photomatix Essentials.  Advanced edits, including texturizing, poster edges, exposure and color saturation were all completed in PSE11.  

5 responses to “Jungle Shack

  1. Steve that is beautiful. I really like that picture. Glad you are having so much fun and enjoying life. Take care and continue to enjoy.

  2. You will never let me forget that one will you? We are going to Glacier then Crater Lake etc. will be gone about 28 days total. Then in Aug. leave again to take the Grandkids to see Yellowstone. I know should of done it all at the same time but we have too keep the gas companies in business. If you ever come are way please plan on seeing us. If you need a place to stay you are more than welcome.

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