La Palapa Manglito Beach


La Palapa

Manglito Beach – Baracoa, Cuba

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This little bar and restaurant on Manglito Beach was a lifesaver.  I had been out shooting (photos) all day, and it was blistering hot—in fact, I’ve written about this particular day before.  It was late in the afternoon, and I was completely wrung out.  The heat index had reached 109 degrees Fahrenheit, and I was dehydrated and in need of some serious refreshment and resuscitation.

Joel and I stumbled down the beach a ways, and came across this little establishment—a simple palapa plopped on the sand, with a thatched roof and wooden furniture.  It appeared out of nowhere like mana from heaven.  And they had frosty, ice-cold Bucanero beer.  We were the only customers, and even the beach was pretty well deserted.  Taking a load off, we rested our weary bones and proceeded to down our cervezas.

Girl at Baracoa WEBWe were enjoying our rest, drinking our beers and watching the waves, when this little sea urchin washed up.  Only four years old, but full of personality and charm.  Needless to say she entertained us for the entire time we were there.  The kids in Latin America (and Cuba is no exception) are for the most part cute and well-behaved.  This little tyke proved the point—a constant delight, and never intrusive or obnoxious.  We could have stayed at this palapa for a long, long time—but, alas, we eventually had to leave.  I can’t quite remember, but I think we had about three beers apiece.

This image would be a colorful addition to any wall space, either home or office.  And would be a constant reminder of what life “could be” like.  It will print to 24 x 30 inches (approx. 2 x 2.5 feet).  I like it matted & framed (as above), but it would look equally good as an Acrylic Print, Metal Print, Canvas Print, Fine Art Print or Greeting Card.  Hang it in your office and drive yourself crazy, thinking–“I could be there instead of here, working.

Photographer’s note:  The above image was captured as a JPG file with my small Canon PowerShot G15 digital camera (the backup shooter for my Canon EOS 5D Mark II full frame digital camera).  Camera settings:  1/125s @ f2.8, ISO 160, FL/28mm, Natural Light, Handheld.  Post-edit adjustments and enhancements completed using Photoshop Essentials 11 and Photomatix Essentials software.

Cuba Portrait WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Indochine Photography International

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2 responses to “La Palapa Manglito Beach

  1. This is ideal ! I was at a place above mazatlan, on a dirt road, out of the way exactly as the photo, your body seems to, by itself, tell you that this is the place and go no further !

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