Tragedy Strikes At The Museum

EMBARRASSING!!! They hung my portrait in the Yucatan Fine Art Museum, here in Merida (featuring my recent photos from Cuba), and a freaking horse drops DEAD right in front of it. They’ll probably charge ME to haul his dead ass out of there. Ya gotta love Mexico . . . what was he doing in the gallery in the first place? Probably some Public Relations stunt to promote the show.

Gallery Shot of Steve

Steve and His Dead Horse

Yucatan Fine Art Museum – Merida, Yucatan, MX


2 responses to “Tragedy Strikes At The Museum

  1. OK Stephen since no one has posted a comment on this I have to ask, is this a trick or is it real, not the horse but the show. The only reason I ask is that the image of you looks like it might be a Photoshop trick and the reason I say that is because it looks like another image is visible at the top of your picture. If I’m wrong I apologize and I hope you do very well with it, if I’m right what did I win.

    • It was a prank for my Facebook friends . . . totally fake. No gallery, no show, no horse. I’m a little taken aback by how many people fell for it (but then FB friends are a gullible lot). If you see it on FB it must be real, right? So, what did you win for being right? My respect for not being gullible. Well done amigo.

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