Upgrade To This Blog Site

Cuba Portrait WEBUpgrade to this blog site.  I have added convenient links to my online photography portfolios (galleries), on this blog’s righthand toolbar, called Portfolios.  Not only will these links take you directly to my online portfolios, but more importantly they will allow you to access two great websites:  National Geographic (NatGeo) and One Exposure (1X.com).  Over the course of the past few years I have withdrawn my membership from all of the online photography groups and forums  I once belonged to.  I’ve done this for a number of previously stated reasons, including:  an absence of critical feedback from peer photographers, politics, egos, a lack of technical and/or artistic expertise, cyber-bullying and an over-preponderance of point & shoot images clogging the sites (back to a lack of technical and/or artistic expertise).  For the casual photographer Facebook, Flickr and other public forums offer great venues for photo-sharing and networking (they’re just not for me).

National Geographic and One Exposure are both geared more towards Advanced Amateur and Professional Photographers (with the edge going to One Exposure).  Whether you are a “serious” photographer, or just appreciate world-class images, both sites are worth a visit. The provided links will take you to my personal portfolios, but you can access the main sites by utilizing their toolbars on top of each home page.  The images you see published have all gone through a rigorous and demanding screening process, including extensive peer review and final selection by editors, senior critics, judges and curators.  Very few images make the final cut for publication, approximately 3% (that means that 97% of all images submitted are rejected).  To get published by National Geographic or One Exposure is a big deal.  Whether Advanced Amateur or Professional, these are some of the best international photographers currently submitting work for your enjoyment.


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photo:  Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Indochine Photography International

*  Expat Journal

*  My 1X.com Portfolio

*  My NatGeo Portfolio

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