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Steve & Tilley

Le Gite B&B “Rooftop Terrace”

San Cristobal – Chiapas, MX

The month has just zoomed by.  I arrived in San Cristobal de las Casas, in Chiapas, Mexico, on September 1st, and plan to leave next week on October 2nd.  It has been everything that I remembered from my trip last year (and more).  During my 2-1/2 years in southern Mexico, I’ve had the opportunity to visit all 5 southern states:  Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Campeche, Tabasco and Chiapas.  And I can say, that for sheer natural beauty, Chiapas has been my favorite.  I am so thankful that I have the opportunity (and desire) to stay extended periods of time in select locations like San Cristobal de las Casas.  You really get to know and experience a location that way—for instance, most days I’ve walked this beautiful little city for 2 to 3 hours, never once growing tired of the sights I’ve seen, or the people I’ve met.

The price has certainly been right, with lodging initially at 121 pesos ($9 USD), but quickly dropping to 100 pesos ($7.40 USD) per night due to low season.  This afforded me a private room with a shared bath (which I never once had to wait for), and also included breakfast every morning.  Hot water and free Wifi was also included, but both were a little sketchy at times—not uncommon in countries around the world.  But at $7 USD per night who can really complain, I mean REALLY?  However, I must admit, after almost 3 years I’m still getting used to putting my “used” toilet paper into a wastebasket instead of flushing it down the toilet (septic systems down here just can’t handle the paper—and gringos use an inordinate amount of paper).

I will be traveling to Guatemala by small shuttle.  First stop will be Panajachel for a week (on Lago de Atitla), and then  I’ll move to a smaller lakeside village for a month or two (most probably San Marcos la Laguna).  The cost of the shuttle is 300 pesos ($22 USD), and takes about 4 hours.  My Mexican driver will pick me up at 7 a.m. at the hostel and drive me to the border, there he will turn me over to my Guatemalan driver who will get me through Customs & Immigration and then drive me the rest of the way to Panajachel.  At least that’s the plan—I’ll let you know how it went once I actually get there.  Lago de Atitla is a world famous mountain lake surrounded by 3 volcanoes, and is renowned for its scenic beauty.

This is probably my last blog post before I get into Guatemala, but for those of you who also follow me on Facebook I’ll continue to post up until I actually leave San Cristobal. Should you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods, be sure to visit Chiapas and especially San Cristobal de las Casas (Palenque is also an important stop).  Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to explore this bit of paradise.  I will leave you with some of the sights I’ve seen down here over the past 4+ weeks (click on images in gallery to enlarge):


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