The Magic

Antigua Race Mouth_edited-1

A Serious Contender

The magic of Latin America.  Over the past three years I’ve mentioned many times the magic that is to be found in Latin America.  If you are open to it, it can be found on an almost daily basis.  Today was no different here in La Antigua, Guatemala.  We headed over to our little coffee shop for some fresh roasted, fresh brewed homegrown coffee with our friend Alex (the manager), the 25-year old son of our friend Marco (the 71-year young tour guide).

Antigua Race Balance_edited-1

Another Serious Contender

Alex said that they were closing off one of the main streets for a race later in the morning. Not just any race mind you, but a race between food servers from the various local watering holes and bistros.  Serious stuff this race business between food servers.  Asked if he would be participating, he replied with a sheepish smile:  “I am the worst server in the world, I always spill something.”  As Clint Eastwood says in Dirty Harry:  “A man needs to know his limitations.”

Antigua Race Face_edited-1

A Wannabe

All the streets in La Antigua are cobblestone, so the course isn’t easy at all.  Each server has to carry a small tray one handed loaded with drinks, and then navigate the rustic streets at full tilt while being cheered on by the appreciative crowd.  Some are obviously much better than others.  With sirens blaring and fans cheering the race was off.  The body language, facial expressions and in some cases flying drinks was priceless—it was a spontaneous moment for us, free and fun.  It is good to laugh.

Antigua Race Spray_edited-1

A Loser

This poor guy was definitely one of the obvious losers.  He dropped his tray early on in the race, bursting a number of of the containers, and as he placed them back on his tray they sprayed their contents all over him (and the crowd) for the remainder of the race—to the perverse delight of ALL (including this photographer).

Antigua Steve WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Reporting from La Antigua, Guatemala


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