Thank You Tilley

Antigua Steve WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt

La Antigua, Guatemala (Highlands)

So after breakfast this morning, in La Antigua, Guatemala, we were heading back to our hostel.  It is an absolutely gorgeous day here, and right in front of us they were shooting a professional photo series with a beautiful model (she reminded me very much of my good friend Loni—tall, slender, with an infectious smile).

Suddenly, everyone turned to look at Joel and me and started jabbering.  We looked around thinking they were looking at someone else—we were immediately surrounded by producers, assistants, technicians and the photographer.  WTF?

Turns out that this photo crew was shooting a catalog layout for Tilley (yes the hat people). And, as usual, Joel and I were wearing our weatherbeaten Tilley hats (as pictured in the photo above).  They stuck Joel on one side of the model and me on the other side—the photographer started clicking.  “I wouldn’t change a thing” he said with a big smile.  They took our information and we were once again on our way.

They said there was a good chance the photo(s) would appear in their catalog, but that it would definitely appear on their Facebook page.  They also promised to email us a copy. When, and if, that happens I will post a copy here on the blog.  I guess we’re famous—autographed photos available soon (for a price that is).

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