Finca De Cafe Y Flores “Paradise”

Steve Honduras WEB2

Intrepid Jungle Explorer

A short hike, up a dirt road, from our eco-lodge (and carved from the jungle itself) is Finca de Café y Flores “Paradise.”  We explored this property, and its many trails, yesterday morning for about 2 or 3 hours.  This is a lush jungle environment, with dense canopy and abundant wildlife—and it’s also a coffee and orchid plantation.  It is aptly named Paradise. Click on individual images to enlarge for better viewing.

El Mochito Jungle WEB

Jungle Trail

Keeping your eyes & ears open, you can experience some weird, beautiful and interesting things in the jungle.  It is a botanical wonderland, and often within the deep and hypnotic dense green foliage there will appear brilliant splashes of color.  Sometimes this color is a plant, and at other times it’s a butterfly or colorful bird.  This jungle habitat is home to the Toucan, and literally hundreds of other wild bird species.  Difficult to spot, and even more difficult to photograph in their natural surroundings.

El Mochito Jungle Alien WEB

Jungle Alien

* Or human remains?

* Okay, I’ll admit it—this sight creeped me out.  I expected this thing to start pulsing at any moment, only to disgorge some hideous spectacle.  Movies like Predator and Alien readily came to mind.  I have absolutely no idea what this aberration is, only that it was very large and hanging from a tree (I would estimate its size at between 2 and 2-1/2 feet).  Is it carnivorous?  Or is it simply the remains of some poor lost soul?  Seriously, it is “botanical” in nature—but it is a scary sight in this primitive setting.

El Mochito Jungle Flower WEB

Jungle Splendor

El Mochito Purple Flowers WEB

Study in Blue

El Mochito Butterfly

Color in Motion

Coming out of the jungle, and back into civilization, we passed this family residence which is typical of the area.  Clothes hung out to dry also offer up a multitude of colors, though not quite as natural as what you will find in the jungle.  And in a domestic garden these beautiful lilies, surrounded by barbed wire—there must be a metaphor there somewhere:  “Beauty Surrounded by Cruelty” perhaps.

El Mochito Clothes WEB

Man’s Contribution to Scenic Color

El Mochito Lilies WEB

Beauty Surrounded by Cruelty

We will definitely be hiking these trails again, many times I suspect.  In search of wildlife opportunities future visits will be much earlier in the morning hours, or perhaps a few trips in the evening hours.  I think I will also have to attach my external flash to my camera, the jungle is just way too dark for effective shooting (I try not to be disruptive when photographing wildlife, but often they don’t even notice when a flash fires—strange as that may seem).  I am really glad that we decided to spend an entire month here, before traveling further south into Nicaragua.  And did I mention how inexpensive it is to stay here? Less than $10 USD pp per night (and that’s for a private room with bath, a ceiling fan, a floor fan and free WiFi).

El Mochito Steve2 WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Reporting from El Mochito, Honduras . . .


3 responses to “Finca De Cafe Y Flores “Paradise”

  1. Beautiful and very interesting. Adrian and I are so enjoying your journey and are living life through your adventures. You write so well and the pictures say so much. Thanks so much for your friendship.

  2. What a beautiful area! That strange looking thing you photographed hanging from a tree looked almost like a flower not yet in full bloom…???

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