Smoking Honduran Turds

Fine Honduran cigars rank right up there with cigars from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and of course Cuba.  These little turds are not fine Honduran cigars.  I promised in my last post (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly) to include photos of these little homegrown, hand rolled works of decadent art.  They are truly terrible.  As excerpted from the above mentioned post:

“ . . . and to a lesser extent smoking the indigenous cigars. The local smokes are nothing short of harsh, hand-rolled, homegrown tobacco rolled into primitive Cheroots. These smokes are not for the faint of heart. The price will give you some indication of quality—you can purchase 50 cigars for the astronomical price of $2.50 USD (or about a nickel apiece). Typically a good cigar will cost you about $7.00 USD a stick, and I’ve paid a whopping $50.00 USD per stick in my money days (however those days are long gone). I will post some photos of the local product in the days to come. They leave you with a raw throat, lightheaded and with an earthy aftertaste.”

Joel w Cigar 1 BW HC WEB

The Product

Joel with Cigar 2 BW WEB

The Light

Joel with Cigar BW WEB

The Smoke


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