Back Into The Wilderness

Birds River Rolando WEB


Wilderness Guide

We met Rolando (our guide) at zero-dark-thirty this morning (that’s 5:30 a.m.) for our 3-hour boat trip on Lago Yojoa.  We first hiked down to his house, in the dark, for a quick cup of hot coffee, and then we proceeded to the canal to board our small rowboat.  Rowboats (or pole boats) are great, because they don’t disturb the wildlife and you can sneak right up on the critters if you’re lucky.

Birds Bridge 1 WEB

Canal leading to Lago Yojoa

Birds River 1 WEB

Suspension Bridge

 Retreating into the Background

It was still very dark on the canal as we headed towards Lago Yojoa, silently paddling over the still waters (or rather Rolando was paddling).  And then it started to rain, a continuation from the night before.  Within minutes we were all soaked, and I was desperately trying to protect my camera and lens from the downpour.  Both camera and lens are professional grade, and as such have “some” weatherproofing—but they are not waterproof.  Such is the nature of wildlife photography—you have to suffer to get the shots you’re after.  As it became lighter the rain also became lighter, and the numerous species of birds started to make their appearance.

Birds Immature Black Crowned Night Heron WEB

Immature Black-crowned Night Heron 

Within approximately one hour we entered Lago Yojoa, and we were the only boat and people on the lake.  To row into this pristine wilderness, in almost complete solitude, is a true privilege.  Rolando’s sharp eyes never ceased to roam the banks and marshes, and he only spoke to point out a specific   sight—otherwise he remained as silent as our surroundings.

Birds River 3 WEB

Lago Yojoa 

Birds Egret 2 WEB

Large Egret in Flight

Birds Egret 3

Large Egret in Flight

Rolando had quite a repertoire of bird whistles and calls at his command, and he utilized this talent frequently to call his feathered-friends in closer to us.  But it’s Rolando’s eyes that are truly amazing—he can spot things that we would never see on our own in a million years (maybe two million).

Birds Rolando 2 WEB


Wilderness Guide

Birds Limkin WEB

Large Limkin

Birds Snail Kite WEB

Snail Kite

On a Precarious Perch

Birds River 2 WEB

Lago Yojoa

Birds Trogon WEB

Birds Turquoise Motmot WEB

Turquoise Motmot (Toh)

We were on the water for almost 4-hours, and the time just zoomed by.  We still have 2-1/2 weeks remaining at this eco-lodge, and you can be assured that we will hire Rolando’s services again (probably next week).  The word AMAZING is often overused by travelers, but this morning was truly amazing in every respect.  Even getting drenched with the morning rain couldn’t deter our spirits.

El Mochito Steve2 WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Reporting from Lago Yojoa, Honduras . . .


5 responses to “Back Into The Wilderness

  1. Great pictures Steve, looks like a magical and special day out on the water. Keep living the dream and smokin’ those cigars, look forward to seeing the rest of your pictures from around the world, especially Namibia in 4 years time!
    Jacquie & Andrew

    • Thank you Jacquie, it sure was nice meeting you folks. Enjoy the rest of your trip, and maybe we’ll see you again some day in Australia (or maybe Southeast Asia).

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