The following quote is a Walterism:

“It’s just my personality.”

Walter is the resident wilderness guide here at the lodge.  He is a local Honduran, 25-years old and a proud new father of a 4-month old son.  He is conscientious and disciplined about learning and improving his English language skills; he tries to learn and use five new words a day.  He is always interacting with the transient population here at the lodge, and is quite serious about improving his life.  He is smart, ambitious and he makes me laugh.

The above quote was overheard when he was talking to my friend Bill.  Bill was saying “Walter you’re always so happy and cheerful.”  To which Walter responded with the above “It’s just my personality.”  For some reason it just cracked me up, maybe because it was accompanied by Walter’s ever-present huge and contagious grin.  I will try to grab a quick photo of Walter sometime soon (and maybe even the girls who work here also).

Our time at the lodge is rapidly coming to an end, and we will be leaving for Nicaragua (via San Pedro Sula) this coming Thursday after almost a month in paradise.  Its been colder than I would have anticipated (we’re only at 2,000 feet), and we’ve received a tremendous amount of rain (sunny days have been in short supply).  Still and all it’s been a very pleasant experience, and we’ve enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Note:  For some reason, unbeknownst to me, my Yahoo email ( is not working properly—it may be Yahoo, it may be the sketchy internet connections down here or it may be my computer.  I communicate with many of you by email, so temporarily at least I am limited to  Facebook messaging.  I will try to get the problem resolved as quickly as I can, or establish an alternative email address. Until then, if I don’t respond to your emails, that is the reason why.  SFD

Tilley & Steve San Cristobal WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Reporting from D&D Brewery and Lodge, Honduras . . .


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