Eating With The Locals

Cannery Row w warm filter WEB

Abandoned Building

Close to “Chica Tripa” in the Barrio

Whenever possible we like eating with the locals—better food, cheaper prices.  So, after asking about local eateries we were turned onto Chica Tripa, literally translated to Gut Girl. Don’t ask me, I have absolutely no idea why you would name a restaurant Gut Girl.

Leaving our hotel we proceeded to Mombacho Cigars of Nicaragua (right around the corner from the hotel), and from there we proceed to a nearby parque.

Chica Tripa Mombacho WEB

Mombacho Cigars of Nicaragua 

Once we got to the parque we made a righthand turn, and proceeded down the street for 2-blocks to the large, yellow church.

Chica Tripa park WEB


(name unknown)

From the church we turned left, and continued into the barrio for another 3-blocks.  Not a gringo in sight; not a tourist, not a traveler and not even an expat.

Chica Tripa church WEB

Large Yellow Church

As the street gently curved to the right, our destination came into sight—however we had to ask for confirmation, because as famous as Chica Tripa is there is absolutely no signage on the building—it’s all word of mouth.

Chica Tripa WEB

Granada’s Famoso Chica Tripa Restaurante

Lots of guys sitting outside drinking beer, mostly Toña and Victoria.  This is a working man’s eatery, and there’s nothing fancy about it.  Good beer, good food, cheap prices and fast service.  Our kind of place for sure.  And did I say no gringos?  And no English. Perfect.

Chica Tripa interior WEB

Chica Tripa’s Interior

Chica Tripa waitress WEB

Our Friendly Food Server

(we forgot to ask her name)

Chica Tripa Beer WEB

Toña Cerveza

Muy importante

Cost:  25 cordobas, or 95 cents in gringo money

Chica Tripa food WEB

Pollo Asada

1/2 chicken, coleslaw with a bite, potatoes, rice and plantains

Cost:  140 cordobas, or $5.35 in gringo money

The beer was ice cold (they know how to serve it down here), the food was some of the best we’ve had during our adventure, the atmosphere was really cool and the service was great.  We always try to find authentic experiences where we can, and this surely qualified as an authentic experience.  We will definitely be going back for more of this.  The restaurants in the tourist area are good, but this is so much more fun (and cost-effective). Buen provecho.

Tilley & Steve San Cristobal WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Reporting from Granada, Nicaragua . . .


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