Mombacho Cigars Of Nicaragua

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Mombacho Cigar Roller

Mombacho Cigars of Nicaragua is the world class cigar factory and lounge that’s located right around the corner from our hotel—convenient, huh.  We’ve already spent a considerable amount of time partaking of their products, almost on a daily basis.  It’s a pretty big operation, boasting some 30 employees.  Daniel (from Gibralter) and Donada (a native Nicaraguan) pretty much handle the lounge, and Claudio (Italian) is the resident Master Blender.  Claudio has worked for many of the well known cigar manufacturers around the world including Davidoff.  He is the expert.

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Daniel conducts daily tours of the factory, and his knowledge is impressive for one so young

Mombacho takes its name from the large Nicaraguan volcano Volcan de Mombacho, and they distribute their premium cigars all over the world including the United States, Canada and Europe.  The cigar is a “handcrafted” piece of art—and is in no way comparable to a cigarette.  The blenders and rollers are artisans in their own right, and the skill is often passed down through the generations.  Cuba has the lock on reputation and mystic, but in actuality Nicaraguan cigars are superior to Cubans in my humble opinion (I’ve been smoking cigars since I was 19-years old).  You don’t inhale a cigar, you savor a cigar for its taste—much like you would appreciate a fine wine or world class Scotch Whisky.

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Mombacho Cigar Roller

A cigar is comprised of many parts to make the whole:  the foot (or cap) which is the end you punch or clip; the head which is the end you light; the filler which is the part that imparts its wonderful flavor; the binder which holds the filler together and finally the wrapper which brings it all together.  The filler, binder and wrapper are all different tobaccos selected and aged for their specific purpose.  Each cigar is different and unique, again like a well aged wine or whisky.  And it’s that uniqueness which brings smoking pleasure to the cigar enthusiast.

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Mombacho Husband & Wife Team

Really fine cigars, for United States consumption, typically originate in the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Honduras.  Cuban cigars have been banned from the United States for 50-years, but that should change now that the embargo has finally been lifted. Don’t get me wrong, Cuban cigars are really good, and I’ve smoked a lot of them over the years (especially when we visited Cuba this past year), but to my mind Nicaraguan cigars reign supreme, closely followed by the cigars from the Dominican Republic and Honduras. Cigars from Mexico suck (pun intended), as do their counterfeit Cuban lookalikes.

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Mombacho Cigar Roller

Much of the tobacco used these days originated in Cuba and is called Cuban piloto—the seeds were brought to various countries and grown locally where weather and soil permits. However, that very same weather and soil imparts a distinct flavor unique to each region and provides the variety that we cigar smokers appreciate so much.  Variety is indeed the spice of life.

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 Mombacho Cigar Packager

Cigar smoking is a meditation.  Pair a premium cigar with a fine wine, whisky or coffee and the experience is Nirvana.  A quick nicotine hit from a cigarette takes but a minute or two, but to fully appreciate a fine cigar takes at least an hour.  So turn off the damn cellphone (better yet trash the demon), sit back with a premium smoke and actually engage in a conversation, meditation or simply relax (what a concept—relaxation).

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Mombacho Cigar Packager

I’m not trying to sway anyone towards a sinful life, but if you’re already inclined to indulge in a sin or two (or three) you could do worse than a great cigar.  Are they healthy?  Of course not.  Better than cigarettes, but I can’t honestly say they’re healthy.  But everything in moderation.  Its an experience I’ve enjoyed over the years, along with my passion for Scotch Whisky and intelligent conversation.  You don’t need to smoke 5 a day, but if you’ve ever been tempted to try one then by all means go ahead.  At least once in your life.

STEVE BIO PIC WEB  Stephen F. Dennstedt

Here I’m enjoying a Cuban Cohiba in Cuba

Reporting from Granada, Nicaragua . . .


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