Cuba: Forbidden Fruit Of The Caribbean


Playa Ancon

Trinidad, Cuba

Cigar Man BW WEBThe embargo has finally been lifted, and Americans are now free to travel to Cuba without all of the bureaucratic red tape.  If it’s of interest, I would suggest you do it sooner rather than later—before the American developers arrive, and wreak their own special kind of havoc on this quaint little island in the Caribbean.  Joel and I spent about a month traveling the entire length of Cuba last year, and it’s not the country that American propaganda would lead you to believe it is.  The populace is very American-friendly, the cigars are good (but they produce better smokes in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Honduras), the rum is excellent, the food is delicious and the beauty of the country is spectacular.  Visit soon before all of that changes—and make sure you check out the 1950’s “vintage” automobiles and motorcycles.

Old and Older HDR WEB

The Old and the Older

Cienfuegos, Cuba

To get a sense of what you will see there please feel free to follow this link to my book: Cuba:  Forbidden Fruit of the Caribbean.  This link will give you the opportunity to view the first 15-pages for free, and without any obligation whatsoever to purchase.  Of course if you like what you see you can always purchase one of three versions of the book—you won’t hurt my feelings in the least bit (and it helps me to continue with my Round the World travel adventure):

(Click here for Cuba: Forbidden Fruit of the Caribbean)

(Photo below:  Front Cover)



 Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer and Photojournalist for The Yucatan Times

Enjoying a Cuban Cohiba cigar in Santiago, Cuba

2 responses to “Cuba: Forbidden Fruit Of The Caribbean

  1. It’s the propaganda of the cuban-american population in Florida that has greatly influenced the American government. Never felt threatened by Cuba once we asked the Russians to leave with their missiles. I look forward to the new perspective regarding Cuba.

    Great Photos thanks for sharing them.

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