Girl In A Bucket

Lago girl in bucket WEB

Girl in a Bucket I

1/1000s @ f/5.6, FL/280mm, ISO 2500, Handheld, Existing Natural Light

I found this little girl-in-a-bucket on a  very small family-owned islet on Lago Nicaragua close to Granada, Nicaragua.  There are literally hundreds of small islands on the lake, and still quite a few for sale.  Some of the larger ones are for multimillionaires, but some of the itty-bitty ones can still be had for $30,000 to $100,000 USD.  Have you ever wanted to live on your very own island—of course you have.

This particular islet had one small casa, a few chickens and one big pig.  As mentioned, it is very small and you can circumnavigate the perimeter in about 60-seconds if you walk slow. It has been passed down from one generation to another—there’s not much in the way of infrastructure, and bathing takes place in the lake, or if you’re small enough in the bucket.

We were on the lake for about 3-hours this morning in a small boat; photographing, exploring and meeting the local folks who live out there.  It was a beautiful morning, and a great way to spend part of a day.  We found this little chica just too cute for words.

Lago girl in bucket2 WEB

Chica in a Bucket II

1/1000s @ f/5.6, FL/280mm, ISO 2000, Handheld, Existing Natural Light


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