Going Off The Grid . . . Again

Honduras DD Brewery WEBCome monday we will be disappearing off the grid again, at least for awhile.  This time we will be down in the southeastern corner of Nicaragua. First comes a 7-hour “Chicken Bus” ride from Granada to the very small town of San Carlos. We will spend two nights there, before boarding a riverboat for the trip to our eco-lodge: Grand River Lodge (located 1-hour away by boat) on the banks of Rio San Juan.  Rio San Juan stretches 199km from San Carlos to the Caribbean.  We’ve initially planned a 15-day stay to accommodate our forays into the surrounding jungle:  by horseback, by boat and by using our own two feet.  We may have some internet in San Carlos, but I’ve seen nothing to suggest we’ll have internet farther down the river, if that situation should change then you’ll probably hear from us sooner than anticipated.  If, in fact, there is no internet, then you may not hear from us for a few weeks—no worries though, you can rest assured that we’re having fun and living life to the max.  I am really looking forward to getting back into the jungle again to photograph the local flora and fauna.  I’ll just have to make sure that this time I don’t get whacked in the head again while photographing the monkey’s.  And the last time I rode a horse was in Costa Rica 5-years ago (El Pato, The Duck, was his name).

Grand River Lodge 1

 Grand River Lodge

Rio San Juan – Nicaragua (file photo)


3 responses to “Going Off The Grid . . . Again

  1. Enjoy your journeys: will be anxiously waiting to see your photos of the flora and fauna from your new explorations. Thanks for the ‘up tick’ on your plans.

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