The Haircut

STEVE BIO PIC WEBThe day before yesterday we indulged in our once a month (or thereabouts) haircut and beard trim. I’ve written about this experience before. I love that you can still find a “traditional” men’s barbershop down here in Latin America. Unisex salons don’t work for me, period. They never have. Both men and women need their own private getaways, their own periodic retreats from the opposite sex. I can get a great haircut and beard trim without a lot of “unasked for” advice, suggestions, criticism or chatter. I can tell a dirty joke or listen to one. Or I can just sit quiet (which is what I much prefer). My male barber will trim all of my unwanted “Old Man” wild hairs (nose, ears and eyebrows) without the female’s grimace of distain or comment. It’s quick, easy and relaxing: the clippers, the scissors, the straight razor and the talcum powder. And, of course, the bracing foo-foo juice (men’s aftershave) at the end. All of this for $2 to $5 USD (sometimes a little more, but not often). It was a sad day when the old time barbershops passed from the American scene (you can still find a very few in existence, but it is rare), down here they are the norm. BTW, Joel photo-bombed my interior shot, you can just see him in the right hand mirror.  Click on images to enlarge for better viewing.

Barbershop WEB


Granada, Nicaragua

Barbershop 2


Granada, Nicaragua


6 responses to “The Haircut

  1. Great post ,couldn’t agree more ,one of the reasons we’ve been married for 38 years …….we take vacations from each other …….always have ……everyone needs their own little world every now and then ……and yes men and women aren’t the same and its the differences that make life interesting ….it used to be called romance ,in the literary sense .

    Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2015 16:57:41 +0000 To:

  2. Had a similar great experience in Cuba. He did a sneaky add on, head massage for extra money. When I complained he smiled and gave me one of his hand rolled cigars – I smiled back and walked out merrily!

    • It happens for sure. Handling situations like that with humor usually gets the best results. Plus, a good head massage feels really good. I loved Cuba . . . spent a month there last year photographing the country. Hope we Norte Americano Gringos don’t spoil it with [over] development.

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