Extension Was Inevitable


Sunset on Playa Samara, Costa Rica

To extend our time here in paradise was inevitable.  Paradise being Matapalo Samara in Costa Rica.  We have committed to another month (at least), and our new departure date is May 25th.  HOWEVER, our Costa Rican visa is good until June 20th, so it’s not unreasonable to expect a third extension late in May (stranger things have happened).

Brian is a generous host here at Casa Brian, and has further reduced our daily cost to a mere $7 USD pp per night.  This is a private room with two beds, a private bathroom, a ceiling fan and oscillating floor fan, free wifi, free coffee (every morning) and free fruit—plus Mocha the hostel dog.  Only 60 meters from the crashing surf, and less than a kilometer to the small town of Samara.

This is the low season, after the Easter rush, and the rainy season is fast approaching.  We are currently the only guests at Casa Brian, and basically have the run of the place including a well appointed kitchen.  Preparing some of our own meals provides even further cost reductions.  The neighborhood pulperia (small store) is only two houses down the dirt road, and we can buy a 6-pack of Imperial cerveza for less than 5,000 colones (less than $1 USD per can).

We do our own laundry (by hand), and Sandra (a close neighbor) cuts our hair and trims our beards every two weeks.  Uniform of the day is shorts or a bathing suit, sometimes accompanied by a hat, shirt or flip-flops (but often as not it’s just the shorts). “Summertime [soon] and the liv’n is easy, so hush little baby don’t you cry.”  The weather is balmy, the sun is bright, the water is warm and the breezes are gentle.  Mocha the hostel dog is happy and content, and the howler monkeys are vociferous.  I walk the beach, I take a few pictures, I read a lot, I drink a few beers and I eat healthy.

Rio San Juan Steve WEB IMG_3141

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Reporting from the small coastal village of Matapalo Samara, Costa Rica . . .

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