Mocha The Hostel Dog

Mocha IMG_1457


Mocha “The Hostel (not hostile) Dog” is the best.  She’s all about the “hostel” (a generous and gracious hostess), and doesn’t have a “hostile” bone in her body.  Enough wordplay for now, we LOVE Mocha.  Her estimated age is about 10-years old, and she started life as a feral beach dog.  She still maintains an independent streak a mile long, but after a month here she now cozy’s up to us pretty quickly.  Quick to accompany us on a beach stroll, she has the run of Matapalo Samara and Playa Samara.

As I mentioned above, Mocha began life as a feral beach dog, but is now the official mascot at Casa Brian.  She is well taken care of, and even gets to the local vet a couple of times a year for preventative maintenance.  She is a semi-watchdog guarding the front gate, makes an attempt to keep the squirrels from throwing nuts down on the folks trying to enjoy the hammocks and even keeps the various iguanas, geckos and tarantulas in line.  But her best trick is SLEEPING.  Mocha has this Matapalo thing down pat.

Mocha IMG_1450



2 responses to “Mocha The Hostel Dog

  1. Mocha has such a sad expression. I hope you have seen her “happier” side as well. She is very lovely!

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