Antigua Blind Beggar WEB

Blind Beggar 

On the Streets of Antigua, Guatemala

Insatiable hunger resides not in one’s stomach, but in one’s soul.  And, whereas, food and libation can often temporarily satisfy (if not entirely quench) physical hunger, the hunger of the psyche is not so easily satisfied.  Buddhists speak of the Hungry Ghost.

Although I no longer call myself a Buddhist, I find that my life (as it exists today) is governed by the tenets of Buddhism:  quietude, stillness and contemplation.  And awareness.

To be aware of one’s particular nature is paramount, in my case it is a yearning for: freedom and adventure.  And, thus, my mantra has become:  to live simple, to live cheap and to live free. And, like Buddhist meditation, it is simple, but it is rarely easy.  One should never confuse simple with easy.

My life, in Matapalo Samara, these past months, with its quietude and stillness, has facilitated a deeper contemplation, introspection and awareness.  When exploring outside of one’s comfort zone, it is not without fear.  But it’s when we face this fear of the unknown that we truly cultivate courage.  And how can we truly face life without courage?

To live a life of simplicity and awareness, is to live life on a deeper level, or so I have come to believe.  It will be difficult to leave this oasis in time, and to venture forth once more into the chaos of world travel, but I think that I am now better equipped to carry my psychic quietude with me, as I do my backpack.

Years ago, I mentioned to my spiritual teacher, that I thought it must be difficult to live the life of a monk.  He chuckled gently, and said that it was me who had the difficult task.  As usual, he cut to the very core of the problem.  So, I will continue on my journey:  to live simple, to live cheap and to live free.    

STEVE BIO PIC Pencil Drawing

Stephen F. Dennstedt

And the journey continues . . .


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