Boquete, Panama

Nina WEB IMG_3519

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Muy bonita niña.  I photographed this beautiful young girl yesterday in the late afternoon.  I would estimate her age to be about 8 to 10 years old, but who knows.  She was dressing up, with the help of her mother, in traditional costume to participate in some local celebration.  Unfortunately, my Spanish was not good enough to get the details.

Boquete WEB2 IMG_3473

This is the river that flows from the Cascada de San Ramon.  It’s a peaceful walk, and takes you well up into the surrounding hills.  This is the rainy season, or what the locals call the green season.  “Boquete, if it’s not raining it’s not Boquete.”  After a hike of almost 3-hours, I returned to the hostel soaking wet.

Mi Jardin WEB2 IMG_1938

This small statue, of the Virgin Mary, was photographed in the gardens of Mi Jardin (Mi Jardin es su Jardin).  I loved the peaceful nature of this scene, a small solitary icon, nestled in an alcove within the rocks.

Mi Jardin WEB IMG_1939

These velvety red leaves were also photographed in Mi Jardin.  These gardens, covering many acres, are on a private estate, but are open to public free of charge.  They are located right in the heart of Boquete, in barrio Los Naranjos.

Boquete WEB IMG_3496

Rock climbing is big sport in Boquete, for both visitors and locals alike.  This striated wall of rock is just a short hike from our hostel in barrio Los Naranjos.  Can you guess how I got this shot?  Was I hanging from a rope too?

Boquete WEB IMG_3411

My perfect house.  Just a few hundred meters from our hostel:  Hostal Nomba.  It could use some TLC, but not too much (I wouldn’t want to take away from its character and charm. Nestled in the green lusciousness that is Boquete, it has a quaint stone chimney and front porch.  It just needs an old man (me of course) in a rocking chair, with an equally old dog, a glass of single malt Scotch whisky and a premium cigar—maybe some soft music in the background (and a good book of course).

Boquete WEB IMG_3447

This rickety old suspension bridge (much in need of repair) is still in active use.  It spans the river, and if you fell it would probably be fatal.  Joel actually risked a trip across (and lived to tell the tale), and I posted the photo of his adventure on Facebook for all of the non-believers.

Stop & Go WEB IMG_3516

A favorite meal from one of our favorite eateries (Stop & Go Restaurante):  Arroz con Pollo y Papas Fritas (Rice & Chicken and French Fries).  The location is perfect, only about 5-minutes walk from our hostel, and the prices are GREAT.  This meal (pictured above) cost me $4 USD.  And breakfast is free every morning at the hostel ($4 USD a day for food ain’t bad).

Our stay in Boquete is soon coming to an end, and we are trying to decide where to go next:  Bocas del Torro or Panama City.  I’ll let you know when I know.  In the meantime, I have bartered my photographic talents for a guided excursion into the countryside (for two). Ryan and Rosie, who own Hostal Nomba, wanted some family photos taken, and I wanted to visit one of the large coffee plantations (Finca de Cafe) and photograph the local birdlife further up in the mountains.  Ryan is a seasoned guide, and the total value of this barter is about $150 USD.  A win-win for all concerned.

Boquete WEB IMG_3512

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Cascada de San Ramon

Photographer, Writer and World Traveler

Reporting from Boquete, Panama


5 responses to “Boquete, Panama

  1. Steve I would like to purchase the picture of the house, do you think you could place it up on your site where you sell your pictures?

    • Thank you Harold for the huge compliment of wanting one of my images. The image in question, unfortunately, is still on my broken computer. When, or if, I am able to successfully retrieve them I will gladly upload one for you. I check with the Apple dealer here every week, and they’re still trying to do this for me.

      • Sorry for your trouble, but given what you described about your issue, they should be able to just pull the drive out and place it in a usb case and access it from another mac, unless you encrypted your drive. if you did encrypted it and have the keys used you should be able to decrypt it.

        Good luck Steve.

        • That’s pretty much what they’re trying to do. They are trying to get another Mac (not a new one) to make that happen, but down south here things can take a long time. I’m trying to be patient. 🙂

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