The Snake


WB IMG_2747What’s with me and snakes?  I think that I must share DNA with the dang things.  I am often struck (pun intended) with the similarities between the stealthy serpents and me.

Since being “literally” struck by a rattlesnake at age 8, and then once again at age 10, I’ve noticed some peculiar goings on.  Maybe it’s a Spiderman kind of thing (only different).

The old axiom “Don’t Tread on Me” immediately comes to mind.  I can be your best friend, or I can be your worst enemy.  When threatened I tend to slither away, but then strike (quietly) when you least expect it—and I always strike.

But the similarity that strikes me as most odd is: I tend to outgrow my life (or skin) just like a snake.  Metaphorically I outgrow my environment:  physically, emotionally and psychologically.  When this happens, like the snake, I shed my old life like a discarded skin and begin anew.  That this plays hell with relationships is self-evident.  I move on, but my old life stays behind.

And like the snake, I think that I will continue to grow until the day that I die.  People who don’t continue to grow and change confuse me (just as I’m sure that I confuse them).  I am currently traveling in the land of the Shaman, and it might be interesting to investigate this further on a mystical level—maybe I will do that while exploring the Amazon river basin.  I understand that the Amazonian hallucinogenic drug  Ayahuasca is useful for such investigations.   Who can readily explain mystical associations with animals?  In addition to snakes I also have an affinity with Jaguars and Blue Morpho Butterflies (go figure).

WB IMG_2696

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer and World Traveler

Reporting from Quito, Ecuador





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