Do I Still Have It?

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Today is Sunday here in Quito, Ecuador.  We were walking through Centro Historico during our daily walkabout.  Passing an older (and rather unattractive) lady on the sidewalk, she whispered to me:

“Fucky, fucky you baby?”

Wow.  Once I recovered my composure, and fully realized what she had whispered to me, my self-esteem took an immediate nosedive.  I know that I am really old now, and no longer attractive to the opposite sex, but really?  Even if she had paid me I wouldn’t have considered it.  I must look terribly needy.

Prostitution is the dark side of travel, it is virtually everywhere.  And particularly so here in Quito.  But I must say that the ladies of the evening here are particularly unattractive.  I didn’t even wait for a price quote, I just beat feet.  I am a fairly worldly guy, and not all that naive, but this morning’s proposition definitely caught me off guard.

If there was any doubt in my mind if “I still had it,” it has now been completely erased.  I don’t.  And maybe that’s a good thing after all.  Enjoy your Sunday folks.

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer and World Traveler

Quito, Ecuador 


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