Joel And I Will Be Parting Ways Soon


The Brothers

It’s true, Joel and I will be parting ways after almost 4-years of traveling together.  It was inevitable I suppose, even brothers need their space after all.  I will be off looking for “boobies” and I’m not quite sure what Joel will be doing.

Sorry, but this is sort of a gotcha headline.  Yes the brothers will be going their separate ways, but only for a week or so.  I leave for an 8-day photographic foray to the Galapagos Islands on November 3rd, and Joel will remain in Quito.  And the boobies I’m referring to are of the avian variety, and not of the mammalian variety.  The Galapagos are right on the equator at zero degrees latitude, as was my trip into the Amazon.  The Galapagos are due west of Quito, and the Amazon was due east of Quito.


Map of the Galapagos Islands

Blue-footed Booby

(not my photo)

A visit to the Galapagos Islands has been on my bucket list for quite sometime, along with Cuba and the Amazon.  I’ve checked off Cuba and the Amazon, and within a week the Galapagos will be a checked item as well.  The islands lay approximately 600-miles off the coast of Ecuador, and I will fly from Quito to the island of Santa Cruz, where I will connect with my boat Flamingo.

It’s a small boat and only sleeps 10, but that is very much to my liking.  This is a barebones boat with very small rooms, cramped bunks and heads (toilets), but has an outstanding itinerary that explores the southernmost islands.  We will explore one island per day, and then the boat will sail at night (while we sleep) to reach the next island.  I am assured that there will be plenty of photographic opportunities, and that I should be able to take pictures to my heart’s content.

To finally stand in the same places that my hero Charles Darwin stood in should be amazing. To reprise even a small part of his epic voyage on the HMS Beagle is a dream come true.  I should be back in Quito on November 11th (or possibly on November 12th).  Wish me a bon voyage.

El Mochito Steve2 WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer and World Traveler

Quito, Ecuador

(soon to be sailing the Flamingo to Galapagos)


10 responses to “Joel And I Will Be Parting Ways Soon

  1. Very clever.  Had a coworker who went there on her honeymoon and could not say enough good things about it.  Have a great time!  And, yes, you got me with the subject line. Cheers, Paul

    • Thank you Doris. I imagine it’s starting to get cold up there in Montreal. The Galapagos is right on the equator (zero degrees latitude) so hopefully it will be nice and warm. Looking forward to shooting the critters (with my camera of course).

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