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It’s important for any serious photographer to have an online presence, whether he’s a professional or an amateur.  He will eventually want to share his work beyond Facebook.  I used to have a “paid” site that cost me $50 USD per month to maintain, but now I can do everything on WordPress for free (including selling my work).  I have hyperlinked my online virtual Fine Art America gallery to the Store tab on the upper toolbar.

I’m still working hard to complete my new website Indochine Photography.  When you arrive at my site and look at the upper toolbar you will see a tab labeled Store.  Clicking the tab will open the page, then clicking on INDOCHINE PHOTOGRAPHY will bring up my Galleries (the screen print above).

The Store is different from the Portfolio.  The Portfolio features 20 of my most iconic images, and illustrates the kind of photography I do.  The Store has an actual shopping cart function, and allows my customers to purchase my images online.  I currently have 8 galleries, each with approximately 20 images. The customer can browse each gallery, select an image or images, and then choose the presentation type (Stretch Canvas, Fine Art Print, Acrylic Print, Metallic Print, etc).

As the customer builds the final product online (choosing sizes, frames, mattes, etc) the pricing is updated with each selection made.  This is all free and there is no cost or obligation until the customer checks out of the Shopping Cart and pays online (Paypal, Credit Card, etc).  All work comes with a full money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

I am still building the various galleries, but feel free to play around on the site.  If you like what you see I encourage you to share the link with your family and friends.  Here is the link to Indochine Photography: You can also use the hyperlink on the righthand toolbar of this blog:  INDOCHINE PHOTOGRAPHY.

Tilley & Steve San Cristobal WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer and World Traveler

Quito, Ecuador

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