Be A Patron Of The Arts

Antigua Steve WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt


What is a Patron of the Arts?  Loosely defined it is:  a person who supports an artist (photographer), writer, museum, cause, charity, institution, special event or the like.  We usually think of a Patron of the Arts as someone who is rich, like a Bill Gates for instance. But this is not the case.

It’s everyday folks like you who support the artistic community.  When you buy a piece of art, or make a charitable contribution to a museum or attend a fundraising dinner for your special charity, you are in fact a Patron of the Arts.  And that effort puts you in an elite class amongst men.

We artistic types survive on your patronage and goodwill.  Without you, our audience, we are nothing.  You keep us motivated, and you keep us fed.  I am blessed with generous patrons, those of you who appreciate my work enough to actually purchase it and display it in your homes and businesses.  So to those of you who have purchased my photography in the past I offer up my heartfelt thanks.  You humble me with your appreciation, support and generosity.

I recently created my new and updated website at Indochine Photography:

As part of my website I now sell selected images through my virtual store; this store is sponsored by Fine Art America, and offers a full range of high quality products and payment options.  They ship within three days, and offer a full money back guarantee.  I am proud to be associated with, and represented by, such a prestigious and reputable art gallery.  It gives me the opportunity to offer my images worldwide while I continue to travel the globe.  To access my store, simply go to my website > click on the Store tab (upper toolbar) > click on INDOCHINE PHOTOGRAPHY > click on the gallery and image of your choosing.  It’s as simple as that.


Monterrico Sunset Canvas Print

Monterrico Sunset

Printed on Stretched Canvas – 3 x 5 feet

* $490 + Shipping

* Smaller sizes available and priced accordingly

SPECIAL OFFER:  To celebrate the grand opening of my new online virtual store, I am offering a 15% discount on all of my photographic images through December 31st.  At checkout just enter this promotional code VXCPEP to receive your discount.  Please save this link, and share this post with family & friends using the share buttons below.  SFD

Thank you!

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