Do You Need A Website?

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Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer and World Traveler

Currently exploring South America

If you are a creative person (photographer, artist, writer or some other creative discipline) then the answer is an emphatic yes.  Do you need to hire a web designer and spend a lot of money?  The answer is an equally emphatic no.  You can create your own unique online presence using WordPress, for free.

Why do you need a website?  Because it exposes you to a much larger audience, and isn’t that what we all ultimately want, recognition of our work (our creations).  Whether you sell your creations, or simply want to share them with others, an online presence is crucial.  The two most powerful marketing tools I know of are:  personalised websites and business cards. And it’s never been easier to do both.

You can design your own website and business cards without ever leaving home. WordPress is my recommendation for a free website, it’s relatively quick and easy.  And you can print your own business cards at home (if you have a printer), or take advantage of any number of online printing services now available.

I had a paid website for almost 5-years, it cost me $50 USD per month to maintain.  My free WordPress site looks better, is more efficient (user-friendly) and is the product of my own creativity.  Remember I am “Computer Stupid” so if I can do it anybody can do it.  Some suggestions based on experience:

– Keep it clean & simple (no fancy gimmicks)

– Your Home page should include a small portfolio of your work (10 to 20 thumbnails max)

– Include an About page (a short interesting bio)

– Include a Contact page

– Include a virtual Store if you plan to sell your work (for photographers and artists I can recommend Fine Art America at $30 USD per year, link it to your Store page.  For writers I might suggest Create Space, an Amazon affiliate, and market through the vast Amazon network)

– I personally include a Blog page which I link to another free WordPress product (I use my blog to explain my creative process, and to actively market my images by driving people to my website

– Include Share Buttons (Email, Facebook and Twitter) on your Home page

Click on Indochine Photography to view my website



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