News Flash: Indochine Photography Is Expanding

Tilley & Steve San Cristobal WEBI am pleased to announce that I have just entered into a new business arrangement with my online partner Fine Art America.  This agreement will allow Indochine Photography to penetrate new markets and reach a larger segment of the lucrative art market.  Specifically it will make my images available to a Retail Store Program, an Imaging Licensing Program and an Interior Design Program.

These upcoming changes will not affect you my buying customers, my loyal Patrons of the Arts. But it will allow me to expand my business in a logical, financially-sound way. There are two components to running a photography business: the artistic component, and the equally important business component. These improvements deal with the business aspect of photography.

Retail Store Program – This program will make my photographic images available to the following brick-and-mortar stores and their online websites:

  • Deck the Walls
  • The Great Frame Up
  • Earth Prints

Image Licensing Program – This program will allow selected high-resolution images to be licensed for download and use by publishers, advertizers, television and other media that require access to large volumes of stock photos.  I currently sell my photos through three of the top stock agencies in the industry, but the process is tedious and less than profitable (it is very labor intense).  This new process is streamlined, and allows me complete control over pricing and licensing the images I choose to offer.

Interior Designer Program – This program is specifically designed for buyers of art for large projects.  All buyers are pre-screened and qualified before being allowed into the program. These are the folks who buy hundreds of photos and paintings at a time to furnish hospitals, hotels, casinos and other large businesses.  They purchase art at heavily discounted prices based on volume, but the advantage to the artist is the quantity purchased at one time.

It can be challenging to manage a business while traveling the world, but Fine Art America has made the process much easier for an itinerant expat like me.  The key is to be attentive to the business, without getting too caught up in it.  My philosophy remains:  Live Simple, Live Cheap, Live Free.




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