Huaca Pucllana, Lima Peru

WB IMG_5473

Huaca Pucllana

Huaca Pucllana is an all adobe brick pyramid complex in the heart of the Miraflores district of central Lima.  It is over 1,000 years old, and survives mostly intact.  The bricks themselves are only sun-dried, because kilns for firing bricks were still unknown.  Construction is estimated to have begun around 200 to 300 A.D.  Lima is a small oasis in the desert, and is the second driest capitol city in the world, only Cairo is dryer.  Lima has hardly any rainfall at all, and only averages about 7mm per year.  The dry arid climate is saving this amazing structure for future generations to come.  Although the skies are often dreary and overcast the city itself remains dry.  Lima’s current population is about 9,000,000 people spread out through Lima’s many districts like Miraflores.  Our walkabout this morning lasted about 2-1/2 hours as we took in this impressive sight.  If you would like to know more about Huaca Pucllana simply click on the link below.


Antigua Steve WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer and World Traveler

Lima, Peru


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