Time Is Running Out




Casio Pathfinder Watch

Casio Pathfinder Watch

Time is running out (for all us I suppose).  Oh no—say it isn’t so.  Eight years and it’s still ticking, but barely I think.  This is what my watch looked like brand new, but what it looks like today is rather a disgrace (I feel that I owe my watch an apology).  It is solar-powered (no batteries to replace) and fully featured.  I bought it for my 2008 trek to Vietnam, and have since worn it on many backpacking and camping trips.  Its visited every country in Latin America, from Mexico south to Peru (every country in-between except El Salvador).  Its been in jungles, on the beach and even in the Amazon and Galapagos.  It maintains international time, has a barometer, compass and altimeter (and I’ve used them all).  They list for $300 USD, but you can get them on Amazon for about $140 USD + shipping.

Steve's Casio Pathfinder Watch

Steve’s Casio Pathfinder Watch

While traveling I use the compass and altitude functions a lot.  The compass is great for orienting city maps in all the various foreign cities I’ve visited, and knowing the altitude is always interesting (especially up here in the Cordillera Blanca).  The barometer can be an indicator of impending weather, and of course the international time feature is invaluable. This watch has my highest recommendation.  I don’t treat it kindly, and it’s still functioning after eight years.


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer and World Traveler

Huaraz, Peru


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