Fine Art Print For Sale

Amazon Orange-winged Parrot

 Orange-winged Amazon Parrot

This beautiful parrot can now be yours.  It would look equally good in either your home or office.  This is a matted & framed Fine Art print presentation, 30″ x 24″ (2.5 x 2 foot), with overall dimensions of 39.5″ x 33.5″  but other sizes and presentation formats are available. This image is available at Indochine Photography simply follow the link, and click on the Store tab, you will find this Orange-winged Amazon Parrot in the Wildlife Gallery.

I photographed this colorful wild bird in the Amazon, in Cuyabeno, Ecuador.  He was totally wild, and not a captive bird, but he was somewhat habituated to seeing humans and hung around the jungle lodge a lot.  It’s hard to get a good photograph in the Amazon, as the shooting conditions are always less than ideal.  In this case I had to use fill-flash to bring out his feather detail in the dim light.  He is tack-sharp, and you won’t be disappointed in the sharpness of this image.

If you’re a bird fanatic, or like me you just love wildlife in general, this would make a dramatic statement hanging on your wall.  Please share with family, friends and other bird and nature lovers.  I am trying to build an audience, and every “Share” I get helps with that effort.


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