The Adventure Will Continue In 2016

Antigua Steve WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer and World Traveler

The adventure continues.  Everyday something new happens.  Sometimes these things (experiences) are mini-adventures in their own right, sometimes they are educational, sometimes they are enlightening (lightbulb moments), sometimes they are poignant.  And sometimes they are just plain funny.  This adventure of mine is a journey, a journey through life and the extraordinary world that surrounds us.

I started this blog in 2011 when my life experienced a major upheaval (not the first and probably not the last time).  Like the mythical Phoenix bird I was attempting to resurrect myself from the ashes, and I wanted to chronicle the process.  Who would have thought that five years later Expat Journal would still be going strong?  What started as a personal quest has become a movement.  I feel like there are hundreds of us on the same road.

Some of you have followed from the beginning, others have joined us along the way, and a few have fallen by the wayside.  Like me, many of you have varied interests and passions. The three passions (sounds a little overly romantic) that rule my life today are:  photography, writing and travel.  To a lesser degree, but still important, are:  Scotch whisky, premium cigars and beautiful women (two of which I partake of on a regular basis).

Who follows this blog?  You are a diverse, interesting, ornery, and unconventional group of folks for the most part.  There is family of course, lifelong friends, new friends picked up during my travels, photographers (both amateur and professional), writers, veterans (a number of which are Vietnam veterans like myself), new acquaintances from shared friends, and recent arrivals from Facebook, Google and Google+.

I use this blog to promote my interests, share my experiences and to feel connected.  It appears to resonate with most of you for whatever reason.  It’s a little one-sided in that you know “everything” about me, but I don’t always know everything about you.  I have met many of you face-to-face, but others I only know through social media.  It’s an interesting techno-world that we live in today.  I sometimes entertain the thought of adding a forum to Expat Journal, a place where we can all meet and discuss topics of mutual interest, but I’m not completely sure that would be a good idea.  Like I said, you’re an ornery lot.

As you’ve probably noticed I add a lot of content, what I lack in quality I make up for in volume.  Sometimes I post everyday (sometimes more), and rarely do I miss a week without multiple posts.  I write about my daily experiences while I travel; I am “location independent” meaning that I am technically homeless, and I’m a convert to slo-travel (visiting fewer places for longer periods of time to maximize my interactions with various cultures).  I document all of this with my photography, so you can experience the things I do vicariously.  My Photography 101 and Travel 101 posts deal with tips & advice for “newbie” photographers and travellers looking for a more authentic experience.

I also share moments and memories from my past, as lurid as they sometimes are.  I really don’t have any secrets anymore, and if my mistakes can help others then why not.  I will often wax philosophical, but those excursions are often alcohol-induced and should be taken with a grain of salt.  There is also the periodical political rant when I just can’t contain myself any longer, but I strive to keep those to a minimum.  There is also some blatant self-marketing going on relative to my photography, but I try to keep it interesting and non-threatening for the most part.  I find that my best customers, those I call my Patrons-of-the-Arts, come from this loyal group of blog followers.

People who buy art on regular basis tend to buy from artists they know and have a personal relationship with.  While currently on the road I don’t exhibit in a brick-and-mortar gallery or other physical venue.  When I was holed up in Merida, Yucatan, I did sell my Fine Art prints at Soho Galleries, and also at Cafe la Boheme on Paseo de Montejo.  Now everything is localized at my website Indochine Photography at  I have recently separated my Facebook business page, Indochine Photography, at, from my Facebook personal page at

Thank you all for continuing to follow my adventures and mishaps going forward, and thank you for your continued support and patronage (both financial and emotional).  Share this adventure with your family and friends, the more the merrier.  And if circumstances permit, lets hookup somewhere along the way.  This blog, along with Facebook, will pretty much tell you where I’m at and what I’m doing.  My best wishes to you and yours in 2016.  Adios amigos.

2 responses to “The Adventure Will Continue In 2016

  1. Hi Cousin,

    I received a beautiful Christmas present from my daughter (your second cousin.) The canvas I received is called “Boats at Rest print” and is now proudly hanging on my wall.

    I enjoy your and Joel posting and pictures; stay safe while your traveling.

    Your Cousin,


    • I’m glad you liked it Sherry. I took that last year in Honduras, during a one month jungle stay. It was such a tranquil and peaceful scene, and is now one of my favorites. We can all use a little peace in our lives, right? Have a GREAT new year cousin.

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