Fun Stuff To Report

Expat Journal

Expat Journal

5-years running, and better than ever . . .

Did you know that it would take five sold out performances at the Sydney Opera House to equal the total number of visits to Expat Journal in 2015?  I didn’t know that either. Can you guess what the most popular posts were, or who were the most frequent commenters (was one of them you)?  Or what countries paid us a visit, Russia visited 85 times in 2015.  And what’s up with The Flying Taco?  Click on the link below to get the answers to these questions and more.  It’s fun and only takes a few seconds to scroll through.  You’re part of a movement and you didn’t even know it.


WB IMG_2747

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer and World Traveler

Owner of Indochine Photography since 2009

Creator of Expat Journal since 2011


4 responses to “Fun Stuff To Report

    • Thank you Rae. Shawn is a very good writer himself, and someday I hope he has the time to share his thoughts and writings with a larger audience. Thanks for following Expat Journal, and thank you for being my son’s friend.

  1. Thank you, Stephen, for the opportunity to share your interesting life. I always feel “revived” after reading your post! Wishing you and Joel a Happy, Healthy New Year filled with extra-ordinary travel adventures.

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