Marine Corps 1960s


R. Lee Ermey

This was my Marine Corps in the 1960s.  This clip is 100% authentic to the times.  The Drill Instructor, as portrayed by * R. Lee Ermey, is also 100% authentic.  I enlisted in 1965, and at that time boot camp lasted fourteen weeks, and it was hell.  After boot camp four more weeks of infantry training, followed by eight more weeks of specialty training.  It was the hardest thing I ever accomplished, both physically and emotionally.  By January 1967 I was in Vietnam, a nineteen year old Sergeant, and I rotated back to CONUS in February 1968 after the Têt Offensive.

This movie, Full Metal Jacket, is the most authentic movie ever filmed about the Marine Corps experience in Vietnam.  The first half of the movie is about Marine Corps training, and the second half is about Vietnam during the Têt Offensive and the battle for Hue.  This film was my experience, my life at the time. I can personally vouch for its complete accuracy on all counts.  That it was made by a civilian, Stanley Kubrick, still surprises me.  Watch, learn, be amazed and thankful that there are still young men willing to put it all on the line.  Those with sensitive ears will surely be offended, but nothing has been exaggerated I can assure you.

Got a problem with foreign policy?  Blame your elected officials, not the young men and women who continue to serve this country and are ordered to enforce that policy.  The few, the proud, the Marines.  Oorah.

* R. Lee Ermey was a former Marine Corps Drill Instructor (before he became an actor), and served one tour of duty in Vietnam in 1968.  He arrived in Vietnam shortly after I arrived back home.  His portrayal of the crusty Gunnery Sergeant “made” the movie in my opinion.  

Sgt Stephen F. Dennstedt USMC

Sgt Stephen F. Dennstedt USMC 1965 – 1971 Vietnam 1967 – 1968


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