Countdown at 00:47:13 on T&C LIVE

WB IMG_5693

Cordillera Blanca, Peru

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Things have just been going great with my photography lately. I’ve mentioned ad nauseam that I am now a contributing author with Northrup Photo, and write articles for their blog. My first article has been warmly received, more viewer feedback than on similar posts, and I have a second one approved and in the pipeline for publication. And this morning I submitted my third article for review and consideration.

Tony and Chelsea Northrup also broadcast a one hour program every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. eastern time called Tony & Chelsea LIVE. During the program they review selected portfolios from SquareSpace a website hosting service, and photos from the weekly theme. This week’s theme was Weather (in all its forms).

Literally hundreds of photos are submitted per theme, a fair number are selected for review and comment, and a very few are recognized as “Picks” or “5-Star.” Lets cut to the chase, the above photo of the Cordillera Blanca here in Peru was selected on this program (my very first submission) and Chelsea said:  I love the picture, I’m giving it a “Pick.”

To see the moment live click here at T&C LIVE and join the program at 00:47:13. I know all of this must appear self-aggrandizing to the extreme, but I worked really hard to achieve this modicum of success. I got a fair amount of criticism before leaving the States when I told people I was leaving to achieve my dreams of becoming a “professional” photographer, published writer and world traveler. It feels like vindication. Thank you for being patient with my boasts—truly I am humbled, gratified and grateful. That’s the truth of it.

Northrup Photo - Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Northrup Photo – Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Indochine Photography - Stephen F. Dennstedt @

Indochine Photography – Stephen F. Dennstedt @



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