One Reason I Do This

Lonesome Road JPEG

Here is an example of a reason I do this, from a recent blog follower:  I wanted to say how much I’m enjoying back-reading your blog. I found out about you from your article on Northrup Photo and I’m really interested in your journey. Now I’m off to your store to buy one of your prints for inspiration.

True to his word he did buy a print from my eCommerce store at my website Indochine Photography  at The money is always appreciated and helps to fund my adventures, but it’s the recognition and interest that really motivates me. Thank you Jim for both your interest and your patronage.

Antigua Steve WEB

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer and World Traveler

Lima, Peru


2 responses to “One Reason I Do This

  1. My print came in today. As I suspected, even nicer in print than on-line. Just wish I’d bought a larger copy. As soon as I can find a suitable frame, it will hang in my home office as encouragement as we begin our own journey from corporate career to photography and travel. Cheers!

    • Thanks Jim, that makes me feel really good. You’re a photographer so you know how good it feels when someone recognizes your efforts. Got another “Pick” on T&C LIVE this evening (two back-to-back), so this has been a really good day. I have another article approved for Northrup Photo (should be published in a week or two), and another three in the pipeline waiting for consideration and approval. I wish you really good luck on your retirement plans, I know it might take awhile, but retirement can be so good. Take care amigo, and thank you for letting me know your print arrived safely and in good condition.

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