Recent Sales to a Fine Art Patron in the USA

Creative artists survive through the patronage of others. Certainly this is true emotionally, and sometimes literally true—we’ve all heard the term “Starving Artists.” I always like to give proper credit to my generous patrons, because it’s through their generosity that I can keep on with my global adventure. Unfortunately my eCommerce store doesn’t tell me “who” buys my art, only that an image has been sold, and geographically where in the world its been sent. These five images were all sent to Lakeside, CA in the USA (where I have many friends). So to my anonymous benefactor thank you very much for your generous order. SFD

Its never been easier to purchase fine art prints for your home or office. My eCommerce store at Indochine Photography @ is quick, easy and completely safe. All sales come with a complete money-back guarantee that insures satisfaction. With fulfilment centers in five countries I can ship anywhere in the world, usually within 3-days. Visit my store to buy, or to simply browse.

WB IMG_2747

Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer and World Traveler

Lima, Peru


2 responses to “Recent Sales to a Fine Art Patron in the USA

  1. Steve,
    I struggle to find the site to purchase your pictures via this wordpress site, If I goto INDOCHINE PHOTOGRAPHY site, you goto store and it says bookstore, then you hope it is there and then you have to click on the fineart image and then you get to your site.

    I want you to sell more photos and if it is this hard for me it may be hard for others too and they may give up.

    Please add a one click to your fine art store.


    • You make an excellent point Harold. I’m not a techno-geek (meaning I’m technology challenged). The problem is WordPress doesn’t support its own Store, so I have to hyperlink my gallery at FAA (Fine Art America). If you click on Store it is a two click operation to get there, if you hover over the tab it shows the sub-tab Book Store. I could either remove the Book Store (don’t sell much anyway) or make my FAA store a sub-tab also. If you hover over my About page it’s the same situation. If this was a custom site I would probably have more control.

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