Abstract Wall Art

WB IMG_5427

Abstract photographs can often make terrific wall art for your home or office. The goal with abstracts is to find pleasing patterns, geometric shapes and/or colors, and not get too bogged down in fine (and distracting) subject detail. Many times a great photograph just doesn’t make for appealing wall art, where an abstract image might just fill the bill. I think that’s why the Impressionists made such an impact with their paintings (and still do); unlike the Realists the Impressionists leave something to the imagination.

Abstract Art

Here we have the same photograph displayed two different ways to illustrate my point. The first example is the image alone; it looks rather mundane and blah (not particularly interesting subject matter). In the second example we see how it might look in a modern, upscale New York apartment or loft when hung as an abstract Impressionistic canvas, focusing more on patterns, form and color.

If you’re interested in photographic art that is more “Painting-like” I invite you to go to my website Indochine Photography and visit two of my galleries that might be to your liking: Abstract Wall Art and Photos as Paintings. In traditional settings I might suggest Canvas Prints, and in more contemporary (modern) settings I might suggest either Acrylic or Metal Prints.

WB IMG_2747

Stephen F. Dennstedt


Photographer, Writer and World Traveller

Lima, Peru


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