The Challenge of Communicating With a Worldwide Audience

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Stephen F. Dennstedt

The business of photography is different from the aesthetic of photography. The first deals with financial gain, and the second addresses artistic achievement and satisfaction. I am rather unique in that I have a 50/50 split between my right brain and left brain activity. Typically people favor one side of their brain over the other, but I seem to be able to toggle back and forth quite easily. Indochine Photography is growing, and along with it my blog Expat Journal. This is a good thing, right?

Indochine Phodtography

Indochine Phodtography

While this is a good thing it does present its own challenges. My audience (my fan base) continues to grow with folks interested in my photography, writing, travel, and lifestyle. I have about 400 followers now, representing 125 countries, and with my recent affiliation with Northrup Photo (as a contributing author) my reach has extended to almost 500,000 subscribers worldwide. The challenge is communicating with this much broader audience.

Northrup Photo - Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Northrup Photo – Tony & Chelsea Northrup

During my downtime (my non-travel time) I have tried to work on this issue of communication. I’ve consolidated everything (including Expat Journal) on my website I completely redesigned and updated the site so it’s much cleaner, cohesive, and user-friendly. I developed a Fan Page (business page) on Facebook to separate my personal posts from my business posts. You can well imagine this all involved quite an investment in time.

Expat Journal

Expat Journal

The difficulty (or problem) with social media is you’re never quite sure if you’re reaching your fan base unless someone likes, comments, or shares your post. Facebook has its own internal algorithms for sharing posts with friends (and I have no control over that). It’s also easy to miss a post when it’s buried in Facebook’s daily clutter. The often recommended solution to this problem is to create a specialised email list targeted specifically to interested followers.

Indochine Photography Newsletter

Indochine Photography Newsletter

This specialised email list is not a catchall email for social chit-chat. The most effective use of the list is to publish a monthly newsletter directed at a broader audience. The newsletter is a good way to impart information such as where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m going. It would also allow me to share important photography news like new prints for sale, photo back stories, tutorials, and what’s to come. The newsletter would be short, concise, and to the point. The term newsletter says it all: a short letter to share the news.


I have entered into a partnership with MailChimp to make this happen. How does it work? It takes about 5-seconds of your time. Follow the link to Subscribe to Newsletter and enter your email address and name. Simple right? An email welcoming you aboard will be sent asking you to confirm your subscription. Done. Now you will receive a monthly email newsletter recapping my activities abroad: photography, writing, travel, and lifestyle. So click on Indochine Photography Newsletter now and simply do it. Safe, secure, and you can un-subscribe at any time.


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