“New” Indochine Photography Newsletter – April 2016

How to reach the masses? Since partnering with Northrup Photo, as a contributing authorIndochine Photography now reaches nearly 500,000 subscribers worldwide. I needed a new marketing vehicle to accommodate this wider fan base, and chose MailChimp as my solution. We developed a free, monthly email newsletter offered exclusively through Indochine Photography. Now my fans can get a quick monthly recap of my travel activities: where I’m at, where I’ve been, and where I’m going; plus the latest news about my photography, along with my articles at Northrup Photo, and my avant-garde lifestyle choices. There will be a featured photo every month, and short travel vignettes about the people I’ve met, and the sights I’ve seen during my around the world travel adventure. Pictured below is just a small excerpt  from my first newsletter. It’s free, quick, safe, and secure, so don’t delay Subscribe Now.

Photo of Newsletter

Excerpt From my Indochine Photography Newsletter

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