Morning Walkabout in Arequipa, Peru

WB IMG_6320

Yanahuara District – Arequipa, Peru

1/125s @ f/8 ISO 100 @ 24mm

The Yanahuara District of Arequipa, Peru is best known for its beautiful stone buildings and alleyways of carved Sillar (a pearly white volcanic rock). It reminds me of Italy, or even possibly Greece. I love the textures and colors, and the red flowers (Geraniums I think) hanging on the stone walls of this narrow alleyway. Climbing the convoluted stairs I could barely see the blue sky peeking over the tops of the buildings as I wheezed myself forward and up (Arequipa’s altitude is an oxygen robbing 7,740 feet above sea level). To learn more about the Yanahuara District Click Here.

Photographer’s back story: This image wasn’t processed HDR in post, instead I captured it as a CameraRAW file which allowed me to work with shadows and highlights in ACR and PSE11. I used a FL of 24mm and dropped to my knees to get a low angle. Lifting the shadows and subduing the highlights a little gave me the effect I was looking for. I added some sharpening, and boosted the saturation to enhance the stone’s natural color. The 24mm FL coupled with f/8 gave me good DOF (but a do over might include shots at f/11 and f/16).


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, and World Traveller

Arequipa, Peru


4 responses to “Morning Walkabout in Arequipa, Peru

    • Didn’t feel the earthquake, southern Peru is a good distance from the quake’s epicenter in Ecuador (about 105 miles northwest of Quito). We would have definitely felt it in Quito. There have been reported deaths in Guayaquil which I stopped in when I traveled to & from Galapagos (Nov 2015). All of our Ecuadoran friends are well and unharmed thankfully.

    • Peru has defied all preconceptions. We’ve been here almost 5 months, and have about 1 month left on our visa. It would be well worth your time and effort to visit, especially if you have a friend who can show you around.

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