Like Two Ships Passing in the Night


Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, World Traveller

Puno (Lake Titicaca) Peru

Independent world travel can be like two ships passing in the night. I’ve met so many wonderful and interesting people, for just brief periods of time, who’ve become great friends. That is truly the power of the internet, and one of the positive aspects of social media. I now have friends from all over the world, and that is so cool. Today is my sixty-ninth birthday (yeah, I know, I’m as old as dirt, I’m as old as the dinosaurs, I’m as old as GOD). But in my head I’m only about ten years old.

As the birthday wishes continue to come in from around the globe, it gives me pause. So many good friends, so many encounters to look back on (and more to look forward to), so many unique experiences since leaving the States almost five years ago. Later today I will be crossing into Bolivia, after six glorious months in AMAZING Peru. I should be in Copacabana, Bolivia by early afternoon—maybe I’ll light up a cigar at 12,600 feet (Whew!!!) and drink a toast to myself with some good aged Scotch whisky.


14 responses to “Like Two Ships Passing in the Night

  1. Happy birthday, I know just how you feel. My 69th birthday was on the 5th of April, and I still think that in my late twenty’s or earthy thirties. Were has all of the time gone!

  2. Happy Birthday Cousin! And, NO you are not “older than dirt” – just young at heart. I just had my 69th b’day April 27th so I know what I’m talking about. Wanted to tell you how much I enjoy all your posts and Joel’s also. You guys remind me of my parents and all their travels. My parents would be so proud of you both with your photography and writing. I grew up around all of their talent in these areas and none of it rubbed off on me. Oh well. Have had my own adventures and travels and wouldn’t change a thing. Stay safe and stay health and I look forward to your next adventure in Bolivia. Hugs, Toni

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