Sacrifice: Memorial Day 2014

A post from 2-years ago on Memorial Day. Lest we forget the fallen.

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

battle of hue

Battle for Hue

U.S. Marine’s fighting to take back the Imperial City of Hue, Vietnam

Têt Offensive 1968  (Photo:  Marine archives)

Note:  I served in Vietnam, as a very young Marine Sergeant, in 1967 – 1968.  I returned for a visit in 2004, and again in 2008.  During my last trip, I visited the Imperial City of Hue—while touring the grounds of the Citadel, I could still find hundreds of .30 caliber pock marks left by our low flying helicopters and their M-60 machine-guns and mini-guns. 

May 26, 2014 is Memorial Day in the United States of America.  I hope that as people enjoy their picnics, barbecue and beer, they will take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices our military men and women have made throughout history.  You may wish to differ with the policies set forth by our elected officials—I am often hypercritical myself—but let us show proper respect for…

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One response to “Sacrifice: Memorial Day 2014

  1. I was on guard duty, wondering how I was going t stay awake. When the mortor round hit the airfield, I knew. When the bomb dump was hit the blast Knoted us off of our feet. From our unit ( the Div supply yard) you could see it burning all of the next day,

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