The Value of Patronage in the Indie World

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I often post about the value of patronage and how much Indie-photographers rely on the support of their regular customers. Purchasing fine art prints from your favorite photographer not only supports them financially, but it also validates their work (which is equally as important). Selling fine art prints, through an online gallery, can be a tough gig—it takes a lot of self-promotion and marketing which isn’t always comfortable (especially for us introverted types).

I am fortunate to have an ever-increasing group of loyal patrons who continue to buy my art, and support me in so many ways. One of my most loyal customers (thank you Harold  G.) recently bought two more large “metal prints” from my time in Cuba (which brings his total purchases to about five prints). These large prints are not inexpensive (over $200 usd each) and require a significant outlay of cash—the money obviously helps me with my ongoing travels, but the commitment to collect and appreciate my art means even more.


senor cigar

I founded Indochine Photography in 2009 so its been a long haul getting established and recognized. If you Google Indochine Photography it now appears at the very top of page one (this wasn’t always the case—the mechanics and algorithms of SEO – Search Engine Optimization are fickle). Reaching a worldwide audience is hard and takes a lot of work. My website has almost 2,000 shares, and my Facebook business page Indochine Photography has almost 6,000 likes.

When I factor in my blog Expat Journal and my partnerships with Fine Art America and Northrup Photo, my total reach extends to over 500,000 worldwide. Wow—just wow. Am I getting rich? Absolutely not. But I’m doing what I love and getting by in life. How many people do you know who can honestly say that? Not many I suspect. To join the adventure subscribe to my free monthly newsletter here. Also browse my galleries at and consider becoming a VIP Patron of the Arts (with its many benefits and discounts).

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Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, World Traveller

Calama, Chile


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