Why I Do What I Do

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Stephen F. Dennstedt

Photographer, Writer, World Traveller

Why do I do what I do, and what is it I do? I’m an Indie-Artist, a visual artist, a photographer. It’s not only what I do, but what I am—it defines me as a creative human being. It’s what allows me to open my soul to the world. The Vikings in ancient times burned their ships when landing in a new world, forcing them to live or die in their new chosen land. Success or failure were the only two options. There was no turning back. That’s my current life—I burned my ship (there’s no going back).

It Defines Me as a Creative Human Being

My vision (and I’ve had it for a long time) is to experience the world and to photograph what I experience for others to see. The camera (my artistic tool of choice) is a machine and not a biological eye, so it’s up to me (as an artist) to interpret the scene and to render it as close as possible to what I actually saw. To do that takes years of experience and study. When successful the results can be stunning and inspirational; I am always looking for the ever-elusive quintessential shot.

Experience the World and Photograph What I Experience

Everything I see and do is filtered through my life experiences: birth, death, war, pain, love, success, and failure. Those experiences color everything I see and photograph, for better or worse. When you look at my photographic images you are in fact seeing me, naked and unvarnished. Whether it’s a beautiful sunset or sunrise, majestic mountains, desert landscapes, jungle monkeys, iridescent hummingbirds, magnificent birds-of-prey, or the homeless on the streets of the world, it’s all me.

When You Look at My Photographic Images You Are Seeing Me

My photography is me (it always has been). I’m good with words, but it’s my visual art that conveys my message. My art will either speak to you or it won’t. That’s the nature of art, it’s always subjective and never objective. When you view my photos you will filter your impressions through your own life experiences. Again, they will resonate with you or they won’t. I shoot for me and hope that others will appreciate my vision.

My Photography is Me

I sometimes wish I had started my quest earlier, but I probably wasn’t ready—I hadn’t lived enough, experienced enough, or suffered enough. I burned my ship five years ago (there’s no going back) and I will either succeed or fail. Am I that maritime Viking warrior of ages past, or simply the errant knight Don Quixote tilting at windmills? Time will tell I suppose. So far its been one hell of a ride, and doesn’t show any signs of letting up soon.

Indochine Photography


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